Monday, January 21, 2013

Tee Shirt Design Contest

we're making shirts! Now you, too, can be an
official member of the Rum Syndicate. It wouldn't be exciting without getting you involved somehow... so... shirt designs! We want retro, islandy, vintage-y, dark, drunk, flowery, argh!

Winner gets a shirt (duh) and a cash prize! In
essence, we wanna buy a shirt design from one of our talented fans. It just sounds more fun if it is a friendly competition. Post your pictures/ideas on our facebook page.
If you need the fonts we typically use let me know.
Then we'll make an album and have you cast votes with "likes."

So, you get monies, schwag, and your art featured publicly with your name for all to see
and the notoriety that cones with it. Pass this along to other artists! It's a great way to get your art seen internationally!

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