Monday, January 7, 2013

Silly Little Things

Some days I wake up feeling morose and anxious all at the same time. Stupid brain! It is days like this that I have to use many of the coping mechanisms I have learned throughout the years. Humor has to be my favorite. 

Certain jokes and memes just get me giggling.  The laughing really helps with relaxing me a bit and bringing my anxiety down considerably. I know many people find them annoying as they clog your facebook feeds. Some just make me shake my head. The one I have here I suppose is made for fans of both artists meaning it may not be funny to you. To me? Amazing. Many of my friends know I am a pretty big Burton fan. Many of them also know of my Vasquez graphic novels and that I preordered the Invader ZIM box set when it was due for release.  Yes. I am a dork.

What centers you when you're anxious?

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