Friday, November 6, 2009


Ok, so I'm not really a rockstar, but I definitely am pretending to be. Aside from the crazy amount of painting and shows I have been doing, which are going great by the way, I auditioned for a hard rock band. Very different from the chic rock, folksy stuff I do on my own. One person in the band was pretty sure that he did not want a female in the band because he did not want the band to be "chic rock."

Well, I must've done something right because I have gone to two practices already and the band is very excited. We all have a lot of positive energy and agree on a bit, which is really surprising. I'm finally using my electric. When you are a one person show, doing metal songs alone is silly, so you do campfire acoustic sessions. Having a band makes such a difference. The band website is here. We are reworking a bit on it. I hope I can keep up though. The guys are such awesome musicians, but I already see myself improving my knowledge of guitar. It's so nice.

The art shows are doing great as well. It's kinda funny, because when I was really young, I told Mom that I would live someplace beachy, do science during the day, art for tourists, and play music on the weekends all in cutoffs and flip-flops. Well, I do write about science on Potspoon!, I definitely do art for tourists, and now I do music too! Oh yeah, and I live in paradise. Not the EXACT dream I had, but, this is pretty close to living it, I must say. Now all I need is a Vespa and I'm set! ;)
So that is what's keeping me busy, well, that and Floyd... What's new with you guys?

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The Grown-Up Child said...

How awesome, Mimi! I always wished I could play an instrument.