Friday, October 23, 2009

What a Week!

I did 3 shows and did pretty well, if I do say so myself. I also did a mural at the Butterfly Farm and painted a bit. I'm exhausted. If that weren't enough, my car broke down today. I know that sounds bad instead of good, but hear me out. My car broke down so I had to walk to the Marriott (where the hubs works) to get his car to move my inventory out of my car. Well, usually this is easy as many people hitch on island. Today, not too much luck. And it rained.

The good part? I ate some genips off a tree, saw some iguanas and chickens, got some exercise (the hills here are brutal!), and took some time off. If my car hadn't died randomly, I would have just proceeded home to paint more. I have been wearing myself out a bit though, so it was nice to have a little time for me. I collected my thoughts, reworked my schedule in my head, and really felt quite happy by the time I got to the hotel. Odd how the universe knows when you need a break. Sure I could have been upset, but I am glad. I needed a break and was given one. I guess it is how you look at it.

I will post pictures of the mural as soon as I get my camera! I'm a dork and left it at the Butterfly Farm! I am really quite pleased with how it turned out. Nothing to fancy, but the butterflies are fantastic. I may be a few hours behind painting now, but am I truly ever going to be ahead? Not likely. In the end, it really is all perspective. I had a great day!
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JaelCustomDesigns said...

Popping in from SITS!

I looked at all three of your blogs, love the canvas bags! I love art in general.

My mom actually lives in St. Thomas, I'll be visiting in June 10' Most of my wordless Wednesday pictures are of places in St. Thomas. She's a Photography junkie!

Just wanted to say hi and show some coment love!

The Grown-Up Child said...

Boy, you have been busy! Can't wait to see the mural!

Q said...

I am so happy you were given a break you had to take!
I think of you often and know all is in perfect order for you!
Looking forward to seeing the mural.
I am catching up this morning and will pop ove rto your other blogs...I see a new one!