Saturday, August 15, 2009

Getting Back Into the Groove

Since I came back to the VI, I had been in a bit of a funk. I really didn't want to do much except see my husband and sleep. I didn't get to see the hubs a whole lot because he has this issue. He's a workaholic. Not in a light sense either. He will work three 18 hour shifts in a row, read news online till 3 in the morning then go to work again at 7:45. Nuts. The vacation I took was just the thing to get me back into the swing of things.

I came back ready. Nick acquired me some studio space that I get to check out on Wednesday. I have a new account and old ones that need to be worked on as well. I have a lot to do! No more time for moping.

Yesterday, I painted. It felt fantastic. While most of the things I paint are not really my style of art, I make money producing things people buy so I am stuck painting palm trees. It doesn't bother me though, because it is still a composition. It is still making colors work. It is still putting a brush to canvas. My new account is the Pirate's Chest at Paradise Point. Since it has a piratey theme, I did tall ships, schooners, Caribbean style houses, and skulls. I loved doing the skulls. That is more me. A bit morbid and VERY sciencey. Do you see the light sourcing on those things? Super fun. The houses were fun as well because I can get really creative with them but the blocky design means I don't have to spend too much time on them. Time is important in production art because besides paying yourself a livable wage, you have to make the product affordable and still be able to buy the raw materials.

I'm going to do some bags today. Some more skulls perhaps. I have some sea critters I have to do for another shop as well. I already have a lot of different Caribbean themed designs. Those are easy! I need more pirate stuff!

What kind of pirate themed designs do you want to see?

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Maritza S. said...

well I am really happy you are finally out of that funk. Can we have some wenches on those paintings? Just asking? I am glad your vacation was a positive one.

Mimi said...

a wench???

how about a bottle of rum?

Maritza S. said...

nah seen too many of those, need to be different

Q said...

I just love your work!
How about bugs!
What ever you paint it is wonderful.

Mimi said...

Thanks Sherry! I do have bugs, of the butterfly type for the farm. Hmmm... maybe some iguanas?