Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Dinner You Wish You Saw

I made really delicious salmon (approved by my Seafood Watch guide, of course) last night. It was with a soy-chipotle-maple glaze that I made served with pineapple rice. I wish I could have taken a picture. I mean, I probably could have taken a cellphone picture, but it would not have done it justice. I really need a digital camera. How am I supposed to ever open an Etsy (or other) shop online if I have no digital photos? It's not like I'm super broke and can't get one. The problem is... well...

...I'm picky. I don't want a cute little pink point and click. I think that a lot of the photography that we see as good nowadays has absolutely no skill involved. I instead use a 35mm camera that is to die for. It takes the most amazing pictures. And you actually have to know how to adjust the appature settings. You have to know how to focus your lense. You can't delete the bad ones. So I am a glutton for punishment. There are some AMAZING digital cameras out there. All the ones I want are easily $2k. Feel free to faint. I don't want a cutesy one... although I am sure it would work just fine. I am also afraid that if I get a digital camera, I won't be able to take good pictures. I will get lazy and take 1000 and delete the bad ones. I will doctor things on my photo software. The really nice ones do EVERYTHING for you. I would turn into a lazy brain with pretty shots and no real skill.

But I need a cheap one. Like now. I would be able to show you the absolutely yummy dinner I had. You would drool. We could call it a day. But no. I have to have standards.

Since when does Mimi have standards? Some of my best work is on notebook paper. I wear clothes I have owned for 13 years. My car is a rust spot with a motor. But NOOOOO... can't get the cheapo camera. It's really too bad. You would have enjoyed how beautiful my glaze came out. Even my husband was impressed. And the TASTE! That says a lot coming from him. Instead, I am looking for negative scanners for my computer. My film camera would have done dinner justice. Stupid stupid Mimi.
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