Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lens Cleaner

There are days when I wake up and feel out of sorts, like I don't belong here, or I forgot something big. Today is one of those days and I have to remind myself that it has a lot to do with how I look at the situation. I shouldn't feel this way, and even though it is hard, I have to talk my way to a better mindset. My mood may not change right away, but knowing that what I feel isn't what I think helps with the acceptance of an improper mood. 

Just because I feel like I don't belong, doesn't mean someone else feels that way about me. Ask someone else. They may tell you the exact opposite. You may realize that they feel that you are the most important thing in that moment. You may find out you have given someone else a sense of belonging that they didn't have before.

It is merely at how you see this type of situation. Maybe, like me, every once in a while a good glasses cleaning is in order. Polish off your lenses and look again. The situation may not be as bleak as you perceive. Maybe you just need some lens cleaner.

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Rachel Matteson said...

I think everyones want to have a clear perspective about things and not just literally. Seeing clearly can help rule out deception. :)