Monday, December 10, 2012

Slow Progress

So I have had a busy weekend...

I had 1.5 gigs, a heap of errands, a very noisy brain, moved studios and, oh yeah, had take my car to the body shop to bring it back home while I wait for the right paint color to show up.

Yeah, that's what my baby looks like at the moment. It has been sad to look at her when she was so beautiful before.

The upside to my incredibly busy yet fruitless weekend? My hair is sort of punky again and I  did have fun playing at Tickles.

I know this may not be my most well written or grammatically correct post, but I felt like I had to document this crazy weekend.  I don't even know where to start. My brain has been so noisy lately that I am having a hard time putting thoughts into concise patterns. I inadvertently took a 4 day weekend and am still so exhausted.

Moving into a new studio will be nothing but good for me in the long run. I will be able to paint more due to its convenient location which means I can start selling again which then means I can go part time and actually do something good for me instead of doing something my manager or someone else thinks is good for me.

I can't wait to be my own boss again. Even if it is only part-time. I am not suited to full-time work at all. My brain does what it wants when it wants. My body physically will refuse to cooperate with me at times. I really have a hard time respecting people and taking orders from people who show a complete lack of respect for their own positions. I am a firm believer in "lead by example." Unfortunately, my lack of filter on noisy days means I say what I think when I really shouldn't. 

Instead of biting my tongue, I cause rifts. If I am free to spend most of my time alone, working when I am capable of doing my best, things are better for everyone involved. If I fail to do well, I can only blame myself. I work best when pushing myself and working under my own terms. Soon come. Can't wait!

I don't know how this turned into a post about work, but whatever. My car will finally be fixed, I have punky hair (ish) again, and I feel good about where I am headed. Reading back on this post is a slight glimpse into how frantic my thoughts have been spinning around all weekend. It's draining to keep up with that level of energy. Oh well. How are you this Monday?

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