Monday, April 4, 2011

More Songs and T'ing

In case you all haven't figured it out, I'm sort of surrounded by music. Between being in a band and working at a radio station, saying I have music around me sometimes would be a definite understatement.

In case you didn't notice, I even have pages dedicated to all the nonsense that has to do with music. The links are right above the posts here on Roogoodoo. Musical Mayhem is updated with whatever stupid song is in my head. Like today's great song by Travie McCoy:

Feel free to post things you think I should listen to and be careful, while I usually post things I like, more often than not, what is stuck in my ear is pretty bad. There was a day in February, for example, when I had Good Charlotte's "Last Night" stuck in my head. Ugh.

There is also the Happenings page, which lists any events I deem important that are coming up. Usually music or art shows, this is where I let people know what I'm doing with what little free time I have.

What's new with you?

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