Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Playing On-Air

I have to say, I honestly wasn't  sure how I would deal with my new job. As a morning show co-host on a radio station, the hours are ridiculously early, the pay isn't so great, and it means that you can't stay out too late the night before. It is exhausting to try to be humerous at 6:30 in the morning.

Fig. 1 A wall in the studio

It's a bit tough to get used to, but I actually enjoy waking up before the sun and really like having witty banter with my co-host. Well, it's more like I'm his sidekick, but I have learned a lot from him. I have no radio experience whatsoever and I am having a blast!

The perks can be kinda nice, too, like this little concert I went to in Puerto Rico a few weeks back.  

Fig. 2 Little Concert

This still is a ton of work as I do have a full time job as a call room person for cell phone tech support... usually until around 9 pm. I don't have many days anymore. I don't mind too much. The days go quickly. I can't spend a whole lot. I REALLY appreciate my days off. I don't have time to stress and think about things anymore. The Buzz is an incredibly enriching experience so far. I speak more slowly (thank goodness), my confidence is up, and I feel better about public speaking. I think I may stick to it!

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