Friday, February 18, 2011

Things You Learn Being in a Band Part 2

If you think you have enough extra  _________ you should bring one more (or refill or whatever).

This applies to just about everything: drumsticks, rolls of duct tape, guitar picks, beer for a party, gas for a road trip, underwear for a vacation, sunblock for a beach day... you get the idea.

Guitar strings are notoriously manipulative like that. You will have sets for months, but being the good little guitar owner you are, you change your strings. You get down to the last two spare packs and even with new strings on your axe you break two B strings in one show! What the heck?!?!? Now you have new strings and 2 new incomplete sets! Should have brought an extra set.

Fig. 1 The picks I use mostly. See duct tape post for proof.

Guitar picks are the same, too! It must be a familial thing. You are great about not losing your picks. You get rid of them only after you have worn them down. You still have five and that should be enough, EXCEPT this show is particularly sweaty and the playing is a little more aggressive and the picks start flying. Like crazy. Should have brought a few more, buddy. And don't even get me started on the plight of drum sticks, snares, 1/4" cables, extension chords, 9V batteries... The list goes on.

Real life examples abound as well! Let's say Jedediah gets invited to a swanky party and all he has to bring is ice. He brings two bags and half of one gets dumped on the deck accidentally and there are way more people than were expected. Way to go, Jedediah. You should have bought one more bag. Seriously, they're like, what, $2?

I suppose the moral of this similar to the girl and boy scout motto: be prepared (or always ready or some derivative thereof). Even when you think you are prepared, just remember, you might just want to reconsider that one last roll of film that you unpacked (yes, some of us still enjoy film) and just stick it in your camera bag.

Be prepared.
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Maritza said...

Grandma always said its better to have more than not enough. Save yourself the embarassment or headache. And if you would just let me be the band mom you wouldn't have to worry about all this. And I would be so happy.

Mimi said...

Uh oh! Band STALKER MOM! LOL! I love you, silly!

Edythe said...

Too much of everything is just enough!

Frank said...

I just explained to Carey the reason that your pick has a turtle on it...

Mimi said...

@Frank- oh nice! Well done. :) I am glad that they don't sell tortise shell picks anymore (well, at least not legally in America) anymore.

@Edythe- indeed!