Monday, February 21, 2011

Art or Something Like It

The poster for part 2 of the event
Steve Rockstein is one of the most amazingly talented people I know and I am honored that he has allowed me to participate in what is sure to be an outstanding event in our community. His photography exhibition— aptly titled STEVE ROCKSTEIN: PHOTOGRAPHY 1971-2011— is his life’s work in every sense of the expression.

The exhibit will showcase more than 100 of Steve’s photos and covers every type of photography from photo-journalism to nature photography to portraits… whatever genre you want to put it in, the fact is it is all truly artistic. He cuts right to the core of the subject matter and really brings out the essence of what the subject (or his rendition of the subject) is attempting to portray. Steve’s shots all have a rawness and almost candid feel to them. He has an unapologetic take on photography that I would love to call “refreshing” amongst all the scores of people with expensive digital cameras and auto-focus that have websites and consider themselves photographers, but I can’t. It is just who he is.

He has taken pictures this way for far too long for me to call his take “refreshing:” it is simply genuine. It is provocative. It is introspective. You are sure to find a piece that will make you smile, make you wonder, make you reminisce, make you turn away, make you sad. His images invoke such an array of emotions every time I am fortunate enough to look at them. I am duly honored that I can even consider such a talent a friend as well. Luckily I know his awesome wife or she may wonder at my praises. It’s the artist in me: I can’t help it.
One of the most nerve binding views and he captured it perfectly.

Part One of the exhibit is at Oceana in French Town and Part Two will be at Seven Minus Seven in Subbase. Both parts take place on March 18th from 5-8pm and 9pm-midnight, respectively. I am honored that my band UncovereD will set the musical backdrop for a show that is not to be missed. If you can’t make it for the opening, the show hangs until April 15th.

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Maritza said...

wow grandma always said you should have been a journalist. You should send this blog piece to the island newspapers so they can feature it. Your mad writing skills are just as supurb as any writer on there.
You never cease to amaze me. Wish I could be there to see this as well. I need to move there, work, live and enjoy the last years of my po life.

Mimi said...

Thank you. I enjoy writing about things I feeling strongly towards. Steve really is amazing.