Saturday, January 8, 2011

Almost Smart

I can't help but eavesdrop on people's conversations. Since I was a kid I have been unable to block out background noises and conversations. I can have a conversation with you and still know exactly what three of the four other tables around us are talking about. I hate it. Believe me when I say I have blushed horribly at some of the vivid imagery that comes to mind when I am talking about potatoes but the person behind me is talking about something far more naughty.

This has made me really fascinated with topics of conversation. I especially enjoy topics that upon first encroachment sound really intelligent, but end up painfully almost smart. What I mean by this is it is obvious that the person may have read a book pertaining to this topic the odd 15 years ago or may have seen something on some historical documentary a few weeks ago, but the information seems somehow off and the names are just a bit confused and the vocabulary is just out of reach and you end up with very wrong words in very wrong places. Words like "argumentated" come out in conversations like this. Things like Copernicus become Capricornius in said conversations. "Irregardless" is commonly used in such conversations.

I know it sounds like it should be a headache, but it's not. It gives me hope.

FIG 1. I'm pretty sure this monkey may think I am almost smart, too.
Why? Well, these conversations about heliocentrism and New World discovery and existentialism show me that even though people believe you have to have certain grades, an IQ above crazy points, a degree or whatnot, the fact of the matter is even these misguided people WANT to have intelligent conversation. It shows that they WANT to learn and feign scholarly some of the time. Heck! I feign it most of the time! I would rather hear misinformed people at least attempting to have intellectual conversation then limiting themselves to the latest celebrity gossip or grunts of approval or whatever.

At the end of it, the more you push yourself to learn, the more you talk about those same topics, the stronger the synapses in your brain get. This is where you really begin to absorb information and realize how very little you know. Once that self-actualization moment sets in, the REAL learning begins. Everyday I try to learn something new. I enjoy it. I can't imagine not learning a little. I am an eternal student and I intend to keep it that way.

These conversations actually occasionally pull back memories of things I hadn't thought of in ages and force me to refresh myself. They do give me hope and remind me that I, too, am almost smart.
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