Friday, January 22, 2010


I just finished a really incredible book that was recommended to me by my buddy Heather. The book, entitled The Memory Keeper's Daughter, is a very well written first novel by writer Kim Edwards. In the book, an insanely intricate web of lies ties the characters together.

It got me thinking: how many of us really know anyone? Do we really know everything about our significant others? What secrets do we hide from them? How fragile are the lives we have built for ourselves? It's a bit daunting of a thought, but at the end of the day, would you let some grave secret destroy you, or would you move on, realizing that we all have our own secrets, some more sinister than others?

As bizarre as it seems, I sort of like not knowing. Maybe it is the biologist in me, always trying to falsify the evidence, always asking questions. If I don't know, it is something new for me to discover. Even if I find absolutely nothing, the challenge of proving that it was nothing was worth it in the end. It isn't because I am trying to find drama, or something that isn't there- it is the mystery that is intriguing. Perhaps I was a cop in my past life. My husband constantly accuses me of such. Staring to long at someone's expressions, memorizing details and nuances in conversations and surroundings, bizarre games that I have gotten quite good at playing.

It's like the book Harriet the Spy, which was a fave as a kid. You secretly wonder why they chose to wear only purple socks, or why they bought so much cat food. Unintentionally, by observing some of these little intimate moments, you now harbor a secret of your own.

Ah, secrets. How do you feel about them?

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Maritza S. said...

If someone tells me a secret it stays a secret. But there are not to many people like me out there. Now as far as me telling my secrets never!! Or very rare. I believe you never really get to know a person 100%. You have to keep something for yourself. At least that's the way I see it. And because life's experiences have taught me that. I remember telling secrets to my husbands, someone who you trust and believe that they will take to the grave with them, but in turn have used my secreta against me. So you see why now I keep them to myself. I think the only person you can actually trust to keep your secrets is your mom or dad. Depending your relationship with them. I believe now that my secrets give me a mysterious side and I enjoy that.

Mimi said...