Friday, October 2, 2009

Paula Deen's Showdown

While I don't approve of the name of this video, I feel bad. Barbara Walters has gotten a lot of slack for asking Mrs. Deen a very legitimate question. They introduce her with words like "deep-fried" and "countess of calories" and even Whoopi makes a comment in the beginning asking if it is all for kids. Deen even admitted to having an intervention done by some of her coworkers to get her in shape. Most of the people who buy Mrs. Deen's books don't have the luxury of a Food Network salary to pay for personal trainers. Was Barbara Walters out of line for this? At the end of the day, she is a journalist. She will play the role of asking the tough questions as real journalists do. Do you think she went to far?

Honestly, as much of a "comfort food" junky I am, I did not eat cheesecake for breakfast and snack cakes were a rare treat in my house growing up. Bacon-wrapped-deep-fried-macaroni-and-cheese is not homestyle cooking for me. Click on the link. It's a real recipe! Sure I have eaten my share of greens (turnip, collard, kale, and more!) and love me some hushpuppies and fried fish, but some of her stuff is a bit excessive. I do think our children need to learn healthier eating habits. It does start in the home. I personally don't think Walters' question was that far out of line, she isn't one for tact, but I would love to know what you think.
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Maritza S. said...

You know all those females will be hitting the gym right after except Barbara. She was just nibbling to taste it and to go along because Paula was shoving the food in her face. Barbara was not happy at all during the segment. I know she wanted to continue her questioning but Paula is good at distracting everyone with her food, which by the way all looked delicious. Good eating habits start at home and if parents do their part by getting up earlier and waking the children up earlier, there is time for a healthy breakfast, not all this sugar. Then they wonder why kids are so hyper in school and poor teachers have to deal with them. But parents and doctors blame it on A D D.
Every now and then yes some junk food or comfort food how she puts it, to reward ourselves and kids for a great week of eating healthy. But why not on the weekend when you can deal with your kids for being hyper. Perfect quality time to spend jogging or outdoor activities to burn it all off. Barbara my hats off to you!