Thursday, September 17, 2009

Update on the Show

On Tuesday, I set up shop (or is it table?) for the first time with the "Roadshow" as they call themselves. Tuesdays there are two shows, in the mornings at Bluebeard's Beach Club, and at night at Marriott Frenchman's Reef. My husband works at the Marriott so this could work out! However, it is off season here and the Marriott show is the money show so everyone shows up and there is no more room. I opted for the morning show at the Beach Club. The sun was shining, the water was crystal blue, the ants were biting.

The hotel does a beach party on Tuesdays for guests. It includes lunch and music and us artists set up a few tables. There were only 5 of the 16 artists present. Only 12 people came to the party. I sold two things! Not to bad considering it was my first time and there were people who didn't sell anything. I am really excited! I am waiting for my tablecloth to be complete so I can do more shows. I think I will do the Beach Club and Bolongo for now. Artist belonging to the Roadshow can set up tables at Bolongo Bay's Caribbean party on Wednesday evening. They have moko jumbies, steel pan, and all sorts of cool stuff. I think, until season starts, these two are at least the most entertaining. When season rolls around, we also have shows at a few other locations on island and by then, I should have painted enough to be able to do at least four shows a week.

I'm babbling a bit, but I am really excited. I think this could really work out. Funny thing though, is I didn't even sell a bag, I sold some of my minis! The picture to the left is my hubby at the Beach Club (locals call it Lime Tree) beach two years ago. Sorry for the bad quality, it is a scan of an actual picture. You know, 35mm film? :oD Not to bad of a place to spend a few hours though. Not really work at all!
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Anonymous said...

awesome sounds like you really enjoyed your first event. glad you sold some of your art as well. hope it had your signature lol our Larry inside joke.

The Grown-Up Child said...

Hey, congratulations on the show and your sales! Great start!

Mimi said...

Thanks guys!