Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Texas Seceding???

This sort of scares me a little. It seems that there is a really strong movement to get Texan Independence. While that seems fine and dandy to some, and there is the myth that Texas has the right to secede (it doesn't, only the right to break up into 5 smaller states), the part that scares me is the fact that they are SOOOO anti-America. Many of the Texas Nationals party use argument that they will be better off because they have NASA and oil refineries and farm land, so they will be more rich than the US. Ok, except for NASA, oil refineries, mines, natural gas, farming.... all of those are subsidized by the federal government.

There is also the argument that they have great schools and a lot of defense industry. Many college students wouldn't be able to attend said schools because since the average household income in Texas is pretty low, they do currently qualify for FAFSA... another federally funded program. The defense industry is what it is because of the US Armed Services. Without those billions a year in contracts, how would that industry pay off? I got the list of arguments for the secessionists side here.

I guess I am just really bothered by the fact that they (true patriots they consider themselves) are so anti-America. Sure our government is far from perfect, but it is the best one we have. I enjoy my liberties. I am proud of my birthright. I don't appreciate people saying they hate us. Hate some of the things our government does, sure, but America is great overall. It saddens me to hear this. I'm sorry about the political stuff, but it bothered me so much to hear.

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The Grown-Up Child said...

I have family in Texas and whenever I've gone to visit, I've always been thrown by the self righteous attitude that pervades the Texan culture. And it's not that they don't have a lot to be proud of. It's just that you get the sense they are putting the rest of the country down in order to put themselves higher instead of being proud in the context of a bigger picture.

Interesting post!

Mimi said...

I have family there as well, and that is the sense I get. I feel like telling them that they can get away with saying the stuff they say BECAUSE we have the freedom and right to do so... it's scary sometimes.