Wednesday, September 9, 2009

No More!

Last night I went to see Inglorious Basterds. Yes, that is how it's spelled. I was enjoying it until the end. Then it lost it's luster. To top it off, earlier in the day the hubs and I had a marathon of Nazi Zombies which is actually a bonus game in Call of Duty: World at War.

It's official. I'm Nazied out. While I do get a perverse pleasure that I am offing pixelated Nazi zombies (or pixelated non-zombie Nazis in many cases), between the hours spent playing the game and the hours spent watching Brad Pitt carve swastikas in peoples heads to mark them Nazis, I'm done. I have no more in me for at least another week. If not longer.

I over did it. I know. I have no one to blame except for me. Well, my husband, too. He is addicted to zombie killing and begs me to help since I am so great at FPS. FPS, by the way, is gamer geek slang for first person shooters. Think games like the Call of Duty franchise and the Halo franchise. Still got nothing?! Well, I guess I let my true geeky colors show. All I know is I must stay away from anything WWII related for a while. It's pretty hard to do since the background noise for me posting is Nick playing said game online. Someone save me from myself! :D

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