Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What a Day!

I went to my favorite beach on island today (well, second fave if you count where I was married). Actually, I have a few favorites, but all for different reasons. Brewers Bay, however, is way up on the list. The reasons are it is sooo easy to get to since it's on UVI's campus, it's gorgeous (the opening credits to my videos on Potspoon! are all at Brewers), and I ALWAYS see sea turtles. Today I got to see two. Not bad. Not bad at all.

The sad part was there was so much litter in the water. I mean, not like the Hudson River or anything, but still. It's such a pet peeve of mine. I mean, here we all are, on this beautiful tropical paradise, and you don't even have the courtesy to take your garbage to the bin? Really?

Beer bottles, plastic bags, cans, and plastic cups were all removed by the hubs and me today. And a SunChips baggie to top it off. All at the bottom of the bay in the turtle grass bed. It makes me mad. It's not like there is a lack of receptacles on the beach. It's just a lack of respect. Maybe that, combined with a lack of understanding of what their stupid litter does to the fragile ecosystem in our waters, adds to the mix. I wish there was more I oculd do, but there is only me and the hubs and we do what we can. We always pick up any litter we see on our lovely beaches and collect sea glass. It helps a bit. It's just frustrating. We still had a blast. The water was delicious and blue as ever and the turtles and fish were in abundance. It was beautiful, breezy, and a humid 84 degrees. It's hard for me to let a little litter ruin that for me.

How do you feel about litter? Be honest.
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Q said...

Litter is the ultimate in disrespect! We pick up litter in our front yard three and four times a week. People just throw their rubbish out the car window as if "outside" is the trash can....I think litterbugs have no self respect!
We have been picking up litter for 37 years!
Sounds like a lovely time out on the beach with hubby and the Sea Turtles!

Maritza S. said...

Your last line states the water was delicious and blue as ever, well for how long? If these ungrateful human beings keep littering the way they do soon all that beautiful water will no longer be. Why can't they see that enjoy the beauty of Mother Earth and take care of it. We need more Mimi's and Nicks out there. It's really sad to hear how humans can be so down right dirty. I can only think what their homes look like. Sad sad sad, thanks you two for doing your part.