Saturday, April 18, 2015

My Love for Thrift and Trying to Make a Home

I know I haven't written anything here in a while, but it's for good reason: my illness got worse. Don't worry, I got it, but it just made it really hard to juggle everything that was/is going on in my life. Even though nothing in my life- exception being my band - is what I want it to be or am comfortable with, I've been doing small things around the house to make it feel more like I live here, as well.

This house has never felt like home to me and has felt even less so in the past year, but some of that is my illness so I figured I'd be happy with the domicile I'm stuck with and make it work. Don't get me wrong, the house itself is rather neat and quirky, but has its fair share of problems... The least of which is the black mold. Did I mention I'm incredibly allergic to mold? Bleach has become my best friend but I still get very sick every month or two.

 I can't just up and leave because you need money for that. That's when I decided that in teeny tiny ways, I was going to make this place livable. I bought new bed sheets. I redecorated a mini dresser. I made myself a meditation space (that is no longer mine). And I thrift. A lot. I got a great lamp for my room. I got some neat couch thing for the living room (that I rarely use because dogs). I made myself a jewelry vanity out of mini saucers and candlesticks I found there. ❤ 💙 💚

Ok, so none of it is really making me feel like home, but it's a start! And it gives me an excuse to go to the thrift store often! Wanna see my vanity?

I even got a plant or two.

And grew lettuce.

I'm trying.

How do you make your home feel like you belong? Please. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Maritza said...

Well first of all I have experienced the same feeling. I have lived at places where my heart was not in it. Then there are places that I did. For example, the place I am at now, bigger, nice, amenities. I liked it when I first saw it and moved for one reason. As days and weeks followed I lacked the energy of making it homey. My heart was not feeling it. Then one day I said to myself snap out of it. You have a really nice place and it's peaceful. Something I can afford and still be close to work and family. So since that day I started doing something like what you have. I starting going to yard sales and department store sales and got things I would enjoy looking at daily since I live there everyday. I tried plants but everyone knows how that goes. So I pretty much given up on that. I just keep saying to myself be grateful for what you have. It could be worse. And yes I have done worse. Now I come home after work, put on a moo moo, get something to eat, sit and watch tv, and do little chores here and there I have to admit, I feel much better about the place. I am giving it my touch and daily thank God that I am not worse off. Acceptance is the key word. My next project is doing yoga at home instead of with a class full of people. I can use the money for more things and no matter how twisted I get doing it no one is there to laugh about me. I am starting to rearrange my furniture so I can have space in front of the tv to put my mat and be able to watch and listen to the dvd. Sometimes all a place needs is rearranging every now and then. It makes you feel like you have new stuff. I know this is long but you know me... xo

Mimi said...

I'm trying but I struggle. Everyday. I don't know.

Maritza said...

Yes I know you try and that is what makes me so proud of you. I know it is not easy as I struggle as well but knowing that you still have the will power to try is what will help you through another day. xxoo

Jyoti Singh said...

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