Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pin-ups in Paradise Card Ordering Link!

Hello everyone,

Te'Lisha by Jeff Lange
 I created this link to make it easy for you to order the cards you want. It's nice and secure and you have a copy of the receipt forever in PayPal. You can even leave me a note if you want to change it up a bit. Of course, if you want LARGE quantities, let me know on Facebook and we can work out a special price.

I am so thrilled that all of you are so supportive of this amazing cause and the fun way we have come up with to raise money! You have no idea how much it all means to me. If you are still in the dark as to what we are doing, check out Pin-ups in Paradise and read all about us! Here are a few shots of the lovely ladies!

Cici by Frank Allard
Danielle by Jessica Howard

Charnie by Frank Allard

Chelsa by Frank Allard

Silver by Frank Allard

We are expecting more shots from more models and photographers in the future so keep checking Pin-ups in Paradise for updates!

None of the photos are the finished postcards. Postcards have the watermarks and St. Thomas logos. The backs mention what the charity is about. They are all standard post-card size. Please do not use photos without contacting me or the photographer for permission. All photos are copyright. 

Don't forget: the event is Memorial Day at Hull bay Hideaway so mark your calendars! More info on that to come. Postcards will be available then as well as opportunities to meet some of our Pin-ups, play games, win awesome raffle prizes, and so much more!


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