Monday, February 27, 2012

New (For Me) Ben & Jerry's

Ok, so about once every other week, we buy some pints of ice cream and chow down. This week it was on and we bought Banana Split and Milk & Cookies.

Milk & Cookies is just slightly glorified cookies and cream. Definitely not one to add to my roster. Banana Split, on the other hand, is yummy and gooey and yum in a cardboard pint. The banana and strawberry ice creams merge deliciously and the walnuts, fudge chunks, and gooey fudge swirl take it over the top. Yummmmmmmyyyyyy!

I still will stand by Chunky Monkey as all time fave. Sorry this is so short! I'm typing from my phone.

What gourmet ice cream is your favorite?

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