Monday, July 25, 2011

An Attempt at Pattern Interruption

bumble bee on a sunflower
I am finding harder and harder to breathe at the moment, so I am attempting to interrupt myself. Apparently my train of logic right now is completely distorted. I don't feel like it is, but it must be because I am in a highly elevated state of emotion and am feeling frenzied. Since I am attempting to change what I have been thinking about, I am going to post pretty pictures of flowers. Flowers with bugs and the like.

Every morning when I get to the place I am getting treatment (and some learnin'!), I wander the gardens and take pictures of the lovely plants. Sometimes I just sit and watch the bugs buzz around, the plants sway in the breeze, the way the sunlight bounces off the leaves....

Here's to hoping it helps.

bug on milkweed

pretty blue

yum yum pepper

these have been eaten
just what it sounds like
hiding amongst the veggies


Maritza said...

the blue flower, is that a morning glory? beautiful pics.

Mimi said...

who knew cell phones too such good shots, huh?