Monday, April 11, 2011

Where I'd Rather Be...

What's that there?

Today is one of those days. Started out with a scare and finished up with an, "OMG I'M STUCK!!!!!!" I just for a second felt like I wasn't going anywhere. I had to sit back and relax and remind myself that even though I would rather be on the beach and even though I feel at this very moment like I am going nowhere fast, it is all a lie. I have gotten lots of places fast. I am just at a rest stop.

Another beach???
 Maybe today I am agitated at certain things. Yes I would rather be on a beach playing guitar, napping, eating, snorkeling, or some mixture of the above. Am I though? No. I do not own or work at a beach shop/bar/location. I work at a desk, now. That was my choice to make. At the time, it felt smart. It was painful, but felt smart. Would I rather be doing my art again? Absolutely. Realistically, though, we are about to go into off season. No sense in me getting all adventurous now. I have a good job with a good wage and I live in paradise.

Maybe this is just a small stop. Maybe I need a long break. Who knows? Maybe I will end up with a beach shack selling fancy sandwiches and hand painted goodies and renting out snorkel gear. All I know is sometimes you just need a reminder of how good you actually have it. Do I get to see the pretty sea critters and turquoise waters the way I want to everyday? No. But the water is visible from the roads and the views make up for it. I guess, right now, it's not soooo bad. :)

How do you keep sane in your environment?

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Maritza said...

very mature of you to think so realistic. its good to realize all the good things you have with the little annoying ones and that in cases those annoying ones are the ones we have to let outweigh the lil good ones. I like to hear you think this way. Keep it up.
by the way, another great blog..thx

marty_fredericks said...

Unfortunately, I don't...but I *do* put up a sane front for the world to see...And ya wanna know the funny thing? I was very spiritually advanced at one time....I read the right books, to learn the right things, and applied that knowledge in my daily life....and I don't now...Since the brain injury, I just don't possess the ability to stay in the 'now'...I'm always stuck inside my own head....hence, my love of that song "Head" I speaks to me. Loved your post,'re mature beyond your years...but, then again, It seems that all artistic folk are old souls....

Mimi said...

thanks, Mom and Marty. I am just trying to stay positive when so much negative is going around. I have been doing good to avoid soul draining people.

sealaura said...

Barely keeping sane these days. I know what you mean, even though you can live in a fab place, sometimes reality is just too much. I try to listen to super upbeat music to stay sane. I hope you have a fabulous Easter.