Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Most Amazing Birthdays

I have had a few friends celebrating birthdays recently. I have to say, being honest, I am the type of person that celebrates my birthday for a few days in the least. I start singing songs about my upcoming birthday months before. I don't mind the forehead wrinkles and new digit. I embrace it. I know there are many who don't celebrate at all and that is fine, but I look at it as a reminder of this amazing person I know.

Sure we should treat the ones we love special all the time, and believe when I say I do, but birthdays are anniversaries. Mile-markers. Because of this, I have the tendency to go overboard with my loved ones. I insist on telling everyone that it is their birthday for at least a week. The birthdays are usually always more personal. We talk, laugh, make memories, play music. It may not be all glitz and fancy cars and sparkly champagne, but in the very least I can make someone feel special. I don't have a lot to give but I can give my love and make my friends feel special in the very least. Simple gestures like buying them their favorite flavor of ice cream or giving them pictures of fond memories seem to make it even more.

Cooking their favorite comfort food, going to karaoke and singing their favorite song, no matter how horrid, showing you really KNOW them seems far more important than some fancy clothes in a giant hall... unless that really IS the only sort of thing they are into. It may not be a fancy (generic) lotion set from Bath and Body Works, but damn it, it is unique to only that person! It may seem cheesy, but I think it's fun and far more sentimental. I wish I had some photos of some of the "celebrations" I have attended, but alas, I am at work. They mostly consist of bad karaoke, beach days with guitars, and home cooked dinners, so I shouldn't bore you anyway! What do you do to make birthday's special?
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Maritza said...

I have always enjoyed your personal touch on gifts that you have either made for me or given me on special holidays like bdays, mom's day, xmas. That is what makes it special. Since you were a kid you did so and it has always touched my heart. Not everyone unfortunately can appreciate the value of this gesture.