Monday, June 14, 2010

Rockstar Moments

Sometimes I really love pretending I'm a rockstar. Sure we are a little local coverband with really big sound, but I still feel like I'm free to do what I want while on stage. It makes me feel like I can overcome anything.

You have to understand: I have terrible stage fright. It's part of the reason I am so obsessed with karaoke. Helped me get over it a bit. Having a band behind you helps a lot. I know that if at any moment I lose my way, the guys are right there to point me in the right direction. We really are a team. The feeling you get when everything works out is fantastic, too.

That is the rockstar moment.

The feeling you get when all the work you did paid off. Whether it is playing on stage, climbing a mountain, teaching at an orphanage, winning a game, getting that account, realizing you are in love, running through a fountain, riding your first rollercoaster, having a shark encounter, finishing a really great book, finding that perfect shade of red lipstick, watching your best friend marry: these are all rockstar moments.

Have you had any rockstar moments lately?

Photo of UncovereD by Jeff Lange, 2010.

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jeffrey said...

How interesting. You look so relaxed up there. Like the stage is your natural element. We are all glad you are there and having fun. Of cours it is always fun trying to get good photos while the band is playing...

Anonymous said...

Gratifying moments... when you give your time for a good cause and not expect anything in return. That's why you Rock!! And so does the rest of the band of course!
And like Jeffrey said you look relaxed and in your natural element. You just forget all those things that bring you down, all those tedious things like bills etc. and just feel good. Music is great therapy and even more when you can actually sing to it. Rock On!!

Mimi said...

Thanks guys!

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