Thursday, April 15, 2010


I'm really excited that our bands next show is a toga party. It is right during the peak of Carnival festivities so I am hoping someone comes! Carnival is one of my favorite times of year here and I am hoping this years doesn't disappoint! Parades, pageants, food, and concerts abound this time of year so the competition is rough. I hope we can compete! Any excuse to wear a sheet usually gets people out though.

One of the highlights of Carnival every year for me is the food fair. Food is good. Rising Stars Steel Pan Orchestra is better. These kids are the only reason I go. Imagine a double decker open air bus filled with kids from age 6 to 16 all jammin' and swinging' and playing steel pan with a few adults thrown in for supervision. It is a sight and sound to behold and I can't wait!!!!

If you happen to be on the Rock for carnival these are your two best odds of finding me. Either that or I will be tramping it up at the village and maybe dancing until my feet bleed for j'ouvert! Gotta love Carnival!
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The Grown-Up Child said...

That's awesome, Mimi! I saw the video clip you posted a while back and you guys sounded great. Good luck and enjoy the food!

Mimi said...