Thursday, December 31, 2009

Old Year's Day

Today is not New Year's Eve. Sure, that is what the calendar says, but they are wrong. How can I make such an argument? Perhaps it is because I have lived in the Caribbean for too long. Here, we refer to this day as Old Year's Day. It isn't a day to make goals and correct mistakes you made last year and chit-chat about new beginnings and all of that... that is what tomorrow is for. Today, you celebrate the past year. All of it. The ups. The downs. Celebrate the old year. If it was good: kudos to you. If it was bad: YOU SURVIVED! There will never be another 2009. Every single one of those experiences over the past year will never be replicated again. Appreciate that. Be grateful for the amazing vessel that is your body. It allows you to experience and memorize your life. Don't think to hard on the future, enjoy the present, and respect the past for what it is. Happy Old Year's Day!

Were there any experiences in the past year (good or bad) that really impacted you?
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Anonymous said...

I love this tradition for cebrating the year that has just passed. It's much better to appreciate what's passed good or bad, than to spend your time thinking of unattainable resolutions for the new year!

Maritza S. said...

I agree with anonymous, and last year was a year I am glad is over and don't want to remember. Although that will be hard to do, it was an experience, but towards the end I was blessed to be able to spend time with old family and relive the good ole days and actually spend Xmas with my daughter in St Thomas. I don't believe in New Year's resolution cause I never follow through. Like a lot of people, they start strong and then it fizzles out. So I have learned to just live for today cause tomorrow may never come.