Sunday, August 23, 2009

West Side Story

I own it, I watch it, I never get sick of it, or the special features.

I can't help it. George Chakiris as Bernardo is graceful and strong. He is an amazing dancer. Rita Moreno, I mean, she is just legend. And of course, Miss Natalie Wood is just perfectly cast as Maria. I mean, really! Can you get an ensemble together like this today? There are plenty of actors capable of the intensity of this film, but the choreography, the cinematography, everything was so well done! It was made in 1961 but still feels fresh. I could never get tired of this.

What is one movie you think will stand the test of time? What is the one you never tire of?
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

well coming from me, you know you will get 2 thumbs up on this. I grew up with this great musical and as you never get tired of it. One of my favorite scene is the one at the wedding shop and the cute song. My other favorite scene is of course the roof top song and dance with the Sharks. Along with this movie I have to say another one would be "Fiddler on the Roof" of course.

Mimi said...

I, too, love the "America" sequence. I really like the "Be Cool" sequence after the rumble. Then again, the opening credits rule, too!

Anonymous said...

yes Be Cool in the underground garage that one is cool lol I like it too